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A secret hidden behind a chocolate cafe


The Secret Gin Bar began in 2014 as a small passion project between four old  friends.  Accessed only through Honest Chocolate Cafe, and nestled in a romantic Mediterranean style courtyard, it was one of the only true speakeasies in the country - you needed a password to enter. Little did we know then that it would become one of the most loved bars in the city.  The heritage building was once a mortuary, which gave rise to our playful cocktail menu of "quack" medicinal remedies to cure all manner of ills.  The original tiny and quirky bar was in what is now the new Bubbly Bar, which used to be the Embalming Room of the morgue!

10 years later we have over 100 gins on our menu, of which over 80 are made in South Africa. 

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